Following her feud with 50 Cent, Madonna moves on to Tory Lanez, accusing him of theft of intellectual property.

According to her, Tory’s new track “Pluto’s Last Comet” is a rip-off of her song, “Into The Groove.”

29-year-old Tory Lanez released his latest single Pluto’s Last Comet earlier this month alongside his heavily 80’s-inspired album Alone At Prom. However, it was while the singer was promoting the track on Instagram that it caught the attention of Madonna, who believes Pluto’s Last Comet bears very close similarities to her 1985 single, Into The Groove. 

Recently, Tory Lanez shared an Instagram post featuring behind-the-scenes photos from the visuals of his song.

Screenshots by TMZ show a comment from the pop star underneath one of Lanez’s recent posts, which says, read your messages for illegal usage of my song ‘Get Into The Groove’!

Apparently, Madonna has been trying to get in contact with Lanez regarding the issue for some time now. The song that she’s taken issue with is “Pluto’s Last Comet,” the 8th track from his new 80s album, Alone At Prom, which was premiered on December 10th.

As we speak, Tory is yet to respond, but we all know that he has a ton of issues to deal with at the moment. The rapper was recently in court for proceedings as regards his issue with Megan Thee Stallion, during which he reportedly yelled “dance bitch, dance” at her while shooting at the ground near the “Body” rapper’s feet, resulting in an injury.

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