Ayra Starr 19 & Dangerous Album

Ayra Starr Is 19, and Dangerous on her debut album (STREAM HERE).

19 and Dangerous Album, Vibes on Vibes on Vibes and more Vibration is the musical picturesque I want you to see as we explore into the wonderland this young new sensation (Ayra Starr) has for us. Indeed, Mavin Record has been breaking new artistes lately but this one is special! let’s admit it.

Ayra Starr “19 and Dangerous” album is quite a turn from the norms. Young and dangerous, 19 years old, confident on the mic, has a lot of Beyonce influence (I can tell by her flows) and yet she looks innocent.

Nothing about this album— from the cover art to the production or lyrics— is anything like the status quo. A lot of emotions mixed in the brew of R&B, Soul and Afro-Pop is the energy Ayra Starr has released on every record.

…And just so you know the album is titled “19 & Dangerous”.. A statement from a 19-year-old who is ready to take over the world.

Okay, I will let you decide what you think of the album.

Cast (Gen Z Anthem)

Youth exuberance, attitude, fearlessness, and, an over-the-edge (I don’t give a F**k ) lifestyle are spread all around the theme of this song. But don’t get it twisted; she is only speaking her truth of living her life and getting ahead in the light she deems fit. The Soul/Afro-Pop record is produced by Louddaaa and the chords at the backdrop grace the drums efficiently making the mellow beat lush up into your ears, giving you a reason to let it go on and on.

Fashion Killa

Ayra Starr actually signed to a model agency back in 2018. So, you have to understand that the braggadocios stance of her drips must be a part of her persona as she goes “I’m a fashion killer/I got much deliver/ when I pass you shiver” sounds like she must be living her best life in true celebrity status. The Afro-Pop record is produced by London and it’s one of the many he has on the album.


Lonely is a R&B/Afro-Pop record produced by Louddaaa; it’s a sensational record with horns at the fade of every bar and the lyrics are clear and definitive. The song is a cry for love in a lonely episode of tears and affectionate craving and reflection.

“Snitch” Feat Foushee

The Trap-Soul/R&B record is produced by London and it sounds very much like a trip hanging in the balance of 808 drums. It’s a mellow vibe with this one and the lyrics are dangerous, pain-induced and wild. Imagine she is ready to go all out and kill the lover with all the girls he is f***king (talk about the guts). It’s clearly proof here that Ayra Starr has a lot of Beyonce influence and some Nicki Minaj in between.


Okay, let’s be sincere not too many times have we heard Don Jazzy produce a record like this one but yes he is the producer of the song. A soulful R&B record about heartbreak and indulging (so as to numb the pain). Ayra Starr brought her A-game on the R&B SIDE HERE. A proof that she is here to stay if she keeps up the pace.

“Beggie Beggie” Feat CKAY

This is a love song (a back and forth) between two admirers who want each other but it appears one of them is into other people and got issues to deal with. The connection between both artistes is well blended and the beat is just right for the track. The R&B/Afro-Pop record is produced by Louddaaa and it’s one song to look out for in the album.


This soulful record is produced by Louddaaa and it’s a really mellow trip song with good moments of vibes and chill. The backdrop is insane and mixed well with her vocals (indeed Johnny Drille) did a good job). The song is about drowning and regrets.


Another song produced by Don Jazzy. The Afro-Pop record is about love again and heartbreaks. As she said “He is a good lover” but he still left her for Dana. The production is good but one would expect more from Don Jazzy (I guess every song comes out just fine the way it’s meant to be ).

Bloody Samaritan

No they no fit kill my vibe” and “vibe killer/I no go take shit“… these are some of the lyrics Ayra Starr sung as the Afro-Pop drums and horns hit the soul of the running track. It’s a nice record produced by London. One can’t deny the horn sessions are mad. (GET HERE)


The lone song off this album produced by Andre Vibez is a braggadocio song about drips, floss and lit swag. Well, another proof she has Beyonce and Nicki Minaj influence. She talked a lot about fashion and name-dropped a lot of designers too.


The mumbles that started this record is interesting and the song is really in the’s more like a prayer song—a reach and hold of the future. Produced by Louddaaa, the Afro-Pop record is a nice way to end a good album as she makes everyone know that she is ready for what’s coming next which is a lot of affluence, balling and happiness.


Ayra Starr started and ended this project in a great way. Considering her age, the theme of the album and production; 19 & Dangerous is a reach, it’s fresh and it has a new wave of sounds that is way different from contemporary naija albums.

19 & Dangerous will appeal more to the Gen Z generation more than other demography and the international value of this album can surprisedly be a hit (we wouldn’t know now).

Well, she did just fine but the downside is she sounds much like Beyonce. She has to come into her own eventually. One can give her no crown now as she has to show us she has more to offer with future works. The features are not bad but we will want to see her hold her own down with bigger artistes (that’s where the test is) and we want to see her keep up the vibes too.

We wish her a new and successful career.

Ayra Starr “19 & Dangerous” is rated 8.5
And shout to Johnny Drille (the mix and mastering is tight)
Enjoy the project and support this young talent.

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